Florita standing

"...A great woman... foreign-mix look... enthusiasm, no bullshit... and natural tits, spiritual, educated, I'd love to have a long dinner over wine with you, pick your brain and just get to know you!!"

Frank, San Fernando Valley, Cali, USA

Florita do Brasil

Sign: Taurus

Sizes: 32D-29-34

Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 lbs

Hair & Eyes: Brown/Brown to yellowish

Skin: Cafe con Leche

Ethnicity: South American

Food: Pakora, Breadfruit, Swampfish

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Key stats

Black, Indian and European descend. Sweet. Hot tempered. Positive. Love tattoos, dogs!! Chicle, the beach. Girls dig me. Men do too.

Life is a one time opportunity with no second changes. You deserve to be happy. Give the best of yourself to the world... at least that's what I'm trying to do.

"...Tu hai 45 anni... ma dai a fatto un patto con il diavolo... sei proprio un opera d'arte!"

Gianni, Firenze, ITALIA

Florita wild heart

Wild Young Heart

At a London based studio designing record sleeves for Tina Turner.

Florita settled


Me as a children's clothing buyer. Polite, efficiently and clear. Lot's of traveling overseas.

Florita MILF


Being a MILF has it's advantages.


I'm me, Florita

Seen it all, done it all. Last night I lay in my hammock looking up at the stars in the sky, and I thought to myself, 'Where the heck is the ceiling?'